Is your skin care product safe to use?

Is your skin care product safe to use?


Safe to use skincare should not contain more than a few formulated ingredients.

Shampoos, oils, creams, serums, and soap bars should not contain any synthetics ingredients, preservatives, coloring, paraben or any processed ingredient.

overprocessing such as deodorizing, refining, coloring destroys the full potential of the product, making it less effective and unsafe to use.

Testing on animals is a big issue when it comes to cosmetic safety, please support the movement and buy products that don't test on animals. 

Nature does it best, we are forever inspired by nature, to make the best scents, color palettes, good tasting cuisine and more, we can formulate natural and organic ingredients to unleash their synergetic effects without mixing unnecessary synthetic ingredients just to add bubbles, or make your product odorless and white.