About Arganesis LLC

Arganesis LLC is based in Nevada City, California. We're family founded, Arganesis LLC derives its expertise from the knowledge of generations of the Ammor family. We wish to deliver the most natural product to you. That's why our goal is to get the highest quality Moroccan beauty products from the farm to the bottle in as few steps as possible.

Our beauty products are ethically and sustainably sourced from the tribal communities in southern Morocco, where it grows naturally, our argan oil offers you a beauty product you can feel good about using in terms of its organic benefits and the sustainable support to the families who cultivate it. Our argan oil delivers its full potential without undergoing any processes that would compromise it’s quality, such as deodorizing.

The Argan kernels are wildcrafted, hand picked by certified co-operatives, hand shelled then cold pressed to obtain the highest quality extra virgin Argan oil. We follow the production from harvesting in Morocco to the bottling process in Northern California.